People, States, and Fear: The National Security Problem in International Relations

“This is the first systematic and in-depth examination of the concept of national security, and of the implications of the security dilemma. It is a searching analysis, rooted in a thorough grounding of the international theory and strategic studies, pieces of literature, and in the author’s compelling logic. This innovative study should help considerably in reintegrating strategic studies – which have become too highly technical – into the mainstream of theorizing in international relations. The volume should be required reading for all those interested in the problems of national security and arms control in an international system characterized by endemic conflict and the ever-present threat of nuclear war.” – K. J. Holsti, University of British Columbia.

“Very well written and we] I researched. There is much that is new and interesting in this book. The author’s concern for what is changing and evolving in the domain of international politics is particularly valuable… He shows how the conceptual outlooks of the power-politics `realist’ and the anti-power-politics `idealist’ can miss some of what is growing and shifting and changing in the international arena. The book will be very valuable to students and lay readers simply for the amount of ground it covers.” – George H. Quester, University of Maryland.

This book has had a long gestation. The idea of it took root in my mind during 1976. and in· the intervening period the work of many people has influenced its development. As the idea grew. it increasingly conditioned my reading. pushing me into unfamiliar areas and establishing the relevance of literatures which previously lay at the periphery of my thinking. Partly because the sources became so diverse, I have used bibliographical footnotes. rather than a single bibliography, to acknowledge my debts. Since the references do not constitute a coherent literature. it seemed more useful to concentrate them at their point of relevance in the text rather than to cluster them at the end.!any people have helped in ways more direct than my encounters with their writing.

The late Fred Hirsch told me I would have to learn some political economy, and on that point, as on _many others. he proved correct. My participation in a colloquium organized by John Ruggie on ‘alternative conceptions of international order’ provided an ideal context in which to pursue Fred’s advice and set me to thinking on a scale appropriate to this book. Dialogues with H.O. Nazareth has enriched my mind more than he might suspect, and although they have been in a completely different context from this project, the cross-fertilization has been considerable. The International Relations Group chaired by R.J. Barry Jones has stimulated me to think about several questions \vhich I would otherwise probably have ignored, and important parts of this book have grown from seeds planted during its discussions. I

About Book

Author: Barry Buzan
Title: People, States, and Fear The National Security Problem in International Relations
Length: 262 pages
Publisher: University of North Carolina Press (1983)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0807841137
ISBN-13: 978-0807841136

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