Military expenditure in Third World countries The economic effects

he level of military expenditure and its share in the national product in Third World countries are high and still rising. This is of great concern to all. The issues are complex and need to be studied with care, yet the literature is scant. This monograph is an attempt to analyze the economic effects of defense spending in less developed countries, within the broad framework of development economics.

Though it is principally addressed to economists and political scientists, it is fairly accessible to a wide readership. This book is a product of research conducted at Birkbeck College, University of London, over the last few years. The intellectual stimulus provided by the intense academic environment of Birkbeck, particularly the work done by Ron Smith on military expenditure in OECD countries and Britain, has been a great source of help and inspiration in conducting the analysis reported here. I have many intellectual debts to acknowledge. First and foremost to Ron Smith and Somnath Sen, who have read the whole book in manuscript form; their continuous suggestions, advice, help, and often telling criticisms, have contributed a great deal to my whole research program; so much so that I presume all remaining errors are theirs.

a careful study by an economist in Britain, which seeks to examine the economic costs and opportunities for defense spending in developing countries. Deger finds that increased military burdens ultimately depress growth by limiting savings, restricting investments, and constraining economic development. She is judicious and comprehensive in covering all aspects of this controversial subject

About Book

Title: Military Expenditure: The Political Economy of International Security
Authors: Saadet Deger, Somnath Sen
Editor: Institut international de recherche pour la Paix
Publisher: Oxford University Press, 1990
ISBN: 0198291418, 9780198291411
Length: 186 pages

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