The first laser was fabricated in 1960, and since then there has been a renaissance in the field of optics. From optical amplifiers to laser physics, fiber optics to optical communications, optical data processing to holography, optical sensors to DVD technology, ultrashort pulse generation to supercontinuum generation, optics now finds important applications in almost all branches of science and engineering. In addition to numerous practical applications of optics, it is said that it was the quest to understand the “nature of light” that brought about the two revolutions in science: the development of quantum mechanics started with an attempt to understand the “light quanta,” and the starting point of the special theory of relativity was Maxwell’s equations which synthesized the laws of electricity and magnetism with those of light. Because of all this, an undergraduate course in optics has become a “must” not only for students of physics but also for students of engineering. Although it is impossible to cover all areas in a single book, this book attempts to give a comprehensive account of a large number of important topics in this exciting field and should meet the requirements of a course on optics meant for undergraduate students of science and engineering.

This text provides a comprehensive, balanced account of traditional optics, as well as many of the recent developments in the field. Designed to meet the optics course requirements for undergraduate students of science and engineering, Optics is also an excellent reference source for practicing engineers wanting to obtain a greater understanding of optics.

In preparing the 5th edition of the book, many topics in Chapters 14, 18, 22, 23, 26, 27 and 28 have been rewritten and many new diagrams have also been introduced. In addition, a section on the Special Theory of Relativity has been added. Many new colored photographs in the preliminary pages have also been added which should help clarify important concepts in the field.

About Book

Title: Optics
Author: Ajoy Ghatak
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education; 5 edition (20 April 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1259004341
ISBN-13: 978-1259004346

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