Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, and Applications with the 8085

Gaonkar’s Microprocessor Architecture Programming & Applications with the 8085 PB is for 3rd Semester, 5th Semester, 4th Semester, 4th Semester, 6th Semester engineering students. The book introduces step by step programming and basic concepts related to programmable devices so as to have a better understanding of the subject. The books cover the syllabus for Electronics & Communication Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Electronics & Communication, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Computer Science Engineering.

Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and Applications with the 8085 This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the microprocessor, covering both hardware and software based on the 8085 Microprocessor family. This book was first published in 1984 and it has been in the field for nearly three decades. The microprocessor concepts that were at the cutting edge of the technology in the 1970s and 80s have become fundamentals of the computer field. It is gratifying to see such acceptance of the integrated approach to teaching microprocessor concepts.

The first of its kind to offer an integrated treatment of both the hardware and software aspects of the microprocessor, this comprehensive and thoroughly updated text focuses on the 8085 microprocessor family to teach the basic concepts underlying programmable devices. Providing a sound pedagogy – from basic concepts to applications – it fully prepares students to apply concepts learned to other microprocessors in higher-level courses or to a variety of situations they may encounter in their future jobs.

About Book

Title: Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, and Applications with the 8085
Author: Ramesh S. Gaonkar
Edition: 5
Publisher: Prentice-Hall, 2002
ISBN: 0130195707, 9780130195708
Length: 820 pages

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