Measurement and Instrumentation Principles

The foundations of this book lie in the highly successful text Principles of Measurement and Instrumentation by the same author. The first edition of this was published in 1988, and a second, revised and extended edition appeared in 1993. Since that time, a number of new developments have occurred in the field of measurement. In particular, there have been significant advances in smart sensors, intelligent instruments, microsensors, digital signal processing, digital recorders, digital fieldbuses, and new methods of signal transmission.

The rapid growth of digital components within measurement systems has also created a need to establish procedures for measuring and improving the reliability of the software that is used within such components. Formal standards governing instrument calibration procedures and measurement system performance have also extended beyond the traditional area of quality assurance systems (BS 5781, BS 5750 and more recently ISO 9000) into new areas such as environmental protection systems (BS 7750 and ISO 14000).

Thus, an up-to-date book incorporating all of the latest developments in measurement is strongly needed. With so much new material to include, the opportunity has been taken to substantially revise the order and content of the material presented previously in Principles of Measurement and Instrumentation, and several new chapters have been written to cover the many new developments in measurement and instrumentation that have occurred over the past few years.

To emphasize the substantial revision that has taken place, a decision has been made to publish the book under a new title rather than as a third edition of the previous book. Hence, Measurement and Instrumentation Principles has been born. The overall aim of the book is to present the topics of sensors and instrumentation, and their use within measurement systems, as an integrated and coherent subject. Measurement systems, and the instruments and sensors used within them, are of immense importance in a wide variety of domestic and industrial activities. The growth in the sophistication of instruments used in industry has been particularly significant as advanced automation schemes have been developed. Similar developments have also been evident in the military and medical applications.

About Book

Title: Measurement and Instrumentation Principles
Length: 512 pages
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann; 3 edition (9 March 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0750650818
ISBN-13: 978-0750650816

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