Materials Science and Engineering: A First Course

In keeping with modern trends, the courses in engineering materials or engineering metals and alloys have been replaced by a course in Materials Science in many institutions in India and abroad. Most of the curricula in metallurgy, ceramics, and other materials-oriented disciplines have also incorporated a first general course in materials science. This book is intended for use in such courses as well as by the students of applied sciences. Postgraduates who have had no previous exposure to the subject should also find this book useful. In deciding the level at which this material is to be covered, it has been assumed that the reader has a background in college-level physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Though not essential, elementary knowledge of physical chemistry and thermodynamics would be an added advantage.

Reasonably wide coverage in sufficient depth has been attempted, giving the necessary importance to the physical, mechanical, chemical, electrical, and magnetic properties. Consistent with the moderate size of the book, the author has tried to emphasize the properties that are more structure-sensitive. Keeping in view the engineering applications, numerous examples of real materials of technological importance have been discussed. A number of colleagues of the author and over 1500 students who studied this first course during the last 10 years have contributed significantly in-class testing and greatly improving this work. In particular, mention must be made of Drs. E.C. Subbarao, D. Chakravorty, L.A. Shepard, M.F. Merriam, C.V. Seshadri, R.K. Mittal, and Shri V.M. Kumar and M.L. Gandhi. The author is grateful to Professor N.M. Swani for his encouragement and interest. Special mention must be made of Professor Morris Cohen for providing the author an opportunity to teach materials science courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

About Book

Publisher: Prentice Hall India Learning Private Limited; 6th Revised edition edition (2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9788120350922
ISBN-13: 978-8120350922
ASIN: 8120350928

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