The star-filled night sky is one of the most fascinating sights of nature. Ancient people saw patterns in the stars. They iniagined familiar shapes outlined by prominent stars and used them as guideposts in the sky to navigate and measure the passage of time .. But they didn’t know what the stars really were. They were unaware that the tiny stars were actually far-away suns, some much bigger and brighter than our own. It took centuries of patient observation by astronomers and careful theoretical studies by physicists to unravel the secrets of the stars. What came out of these efforts is truly mind-boggling. Stars, as it turned out, are mortals like we humans .

They are born out of giant gas and dust clouds in star nurseries as their nuclear furnace is lit, triggered by gravity. Then, as their nuclear fuel gets depleted, they grow old and eventually die. Most star deaths are uneventful and go unnoticed. But some in their dying moment blaze forth with the brilliance of a million suns. With temperatures reaching several thousand million degrees, these violent deaths of stars also create the stuff that we are all made of. The fascinating story of the life of stars is also the story of what goes on inside stars.

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Author: Biman Basil
ISBN: 81-7236-022-3
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