Fiber-optic communication systems

This book provides a comprehensive account of fiber-optic communication systems. The 3rd edition of this book is used worldwide as a textbook in many universities. This 4th edition incorporates recent advances that have occurred, in particular two new chapters. One deals with the advanced modulation formats (such as DPSK, QPSK, and QAM) that are increasingly being used for improving the spectral efficiency of WDM light-wave systems. The second chapter focuses on new techniques such as all-optical regeneration that are under development and likely to be used in future communication systems. All other chapters are updated, as well.

Fiber–optic communication systems technology continues to evolve rapidly. In the last five years alone, the bit rate of commercial point–to–point links has grown from 2.5 Gb/s to 40 Gb/s–and that figure is expected to more than double over the next two years! Such astonishing progress can be both inspiring and frustrating for professionals who need to stay abreast of important new developments in the field. Now Fiber–Optic Communication Systems, Second Edition makes that job a little easier.

Based on its author′s exhaustive review of the past five years of published research in the field, this Second Edition, like its popular predecessor, provides an in-depth look at the state of the art in fiber–optic communication systems. While engineering aspects are discussed, the emphasis is on a physical understanding of this complex technology, from its basic concepts to the latest innovations. Thoroughly updated and expanded, Fiber–Optic Communication Systems

About Book

Title: Fiber-Optic Communication Systems
Author: Govind P. Agrawal
Publisher: Wiley, 1997
ISBN: 0471175404, 9780471175407
Length: 576 pages

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