Atomic and Nuclear Physics

The student targets for the book are the first and second years of an undergraduate course in atomic and nuclear physics at our universities and polytechnics. It will also be useful to those first and second-year engineers requiring an atomic and nuclear physics background. The book must not be judged as a final honors text since too many topics are omitted and the mathematical depth is insufficient for this purpose. It is more suitable for all general or ordinary degree students and for first-year single honours students. It could also be profitably used by H.N.C. students taking applied physics. The changes made and the new material used is well within the compass of such students.

The prime consideration for the present edition has been to modernize at a minimum cost. As much as possible of the second edition has therefore been retained, but where changes have been made they have been fairly drastic. Thus the chapters on fine structure, wave mechanics, the vector model of the atom, Pauli’s principle, and the Zeeman effect have been completely restructured. The chapters on nuclear models, cosmic rays, fusion systems, and fundamental particles have been brought up to date while a new chapter on the charm and the latest ideas on quarks has been included. It is hoped that the presentation of the last-named will give readers a feeling that physics research can be full of adventure and surprises.

About Book

Book Title: Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Publisher: Springer US
Number of Pages: 487
ISBN: 978-0-442-30190-3

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