A Textbook of Electrical Technology – Volume I

The book “A Textbook of Electrical Technology: Volume 1” elaborately covers all the basic concepts of Electrical Engineering. The book discusses and explains various theories related to electrical engineering ranging from electric circuits to capacitors and different types of AC Circuits. The book also explains concepts of Harmonics and Fourier series. The chapters consist of various exercises, examples, and multiple illustrations that aid in understanding the subject better. A book that has seen, foreseen, and incorporated changes in the subject for more than 50 years, it continues to be one of the most sought after texts by the student’s Features: 1. Aptly divided into 24 chapters, the text covers all basic concepts of Electrical Engineering. 2. Close to 2000 figures and examples provide ample aid to the concepts explained. 3. More than 900 practice questions (most asked in various examinations) ascertain the level of understanding of concepts. TOC: 1. Electric Current and Ohm’s Law 2. D.C. Network Theorems 3. Work, Power, and Energy 4. Electrostatics 5. Capacitance 6. Magnetism and Electromagnetism 7. Electromagnetic Induction 8. Magnetic Hysteresis 9. Electrochemical Power Sources 10. Electrical Instruments and Measurements 11. A.C. Fundamentals 12. Complex Numbers 13. Series A.C. Circuits 14. Parallel A.C. Circuits 15. A.C. Network Analysis 16. A.C. Bridges 17. A.C. Filter Networks 18. Circle Diagrams 19. Poly-phase Circuits 20. Harmonics 21. Fourier Series 22. Transients 23. Symmetrical Components 24. Introduction to Electrical Energy Generation

About Book

Author: Therja B. K.
Genre: Technology & Engineering
Pages: 884
Publisher: S Chand; Twenty Third edition (1 January 1959)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8121924405
ISBN-13: 978-8121924405

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