Morrison and Boyd Organic Chemistry 6th Edition

In this classic introductory text, the authors aim to identify the new concepts of organic chemistry, to select the ones that are clearly fundamental to the learning of organic chemistry, and then to build them into a framework of the book. The cornerstone of this framework is that chemical behavior is determined by molecular structure. Each topic is presented fully and clearly at a level appropriate for beginning students. The authors emphasize relationships between the seemingly unrelated facts and theories that students are learning in order to reveal the broad and complex pattern underlying organic chemistry. Where possible, they lead the students to find the pattern themselves, by working problems.

Perhaps the only thing that teachers of organic chemistry today are agreed on is textbooks -have frown too big. And they have – including our own’ And Nairn in preparing this sixth edition was to shorten the book’ We have; 150 pages idiom it aid, most important, have rewritten the early chapter to this fundamental material more accessible to the student. In shortening the book, however, we have stuck to the principle we have always held: these are beginning style.nts, and they need all the help they can get’ When we take up a topic we explain it as fully and clearly as we can; the book is shorter simply because we take up viewer topics’

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