Modern Textbook Of Zoology: Vertebrates

1. Phylum Chordata: An Introduction PROTOCHORDATES2. Type 1. Balanoglossus: A Tongue Worm3. Subphylum I. Hemichardata4. Type 2. Herdmania: A Sea-Squirt5. Subphylum II. Urochordata6. Type 3. Branchiostoma (= Amphioxus): The Laneelet7. Subphylum III. Cephalochordata 8. Protochordate: General and Comparative SECTION IILOWER VERTEB ES9. Subphylum IV. Vertebrata10. Class 1. Ostracodermi (Extinct) 11. Type 4. Petromyzon: The Lamprey12. Class 2. Cyclostomata13. Class 3. Placodermi (Extinct)14. Type 5. Scoliodon: The Dogfish: A Cartilaginous Fish15. Class 4. Chondrichthyes: The Cartilaginous Fishes 16. Type 6. Labeo rohita: Rohu: A Bony Fish 17. Class 5. Osteichthyes: The Bony Fishes 18. Superclass Pisces and Fish General19.Type 7.Rana Tigrina: Common Indian Bull Frog Now Called as Hoplobatrachus tigrinus20. Class 6. Amphibia21. Amphibia: General Account SECTION IIIHIGHER VERTEBRATES22. Type 8. Uromastix hardwickii: The Spiny Tailed Lizard23. Type 9. Calotes Versicolor: The Garden Lizard 24. Snakes: General Account 25. Class 7. Reptilia26. Reptilia: General Account27. Type 10. Calumba Livia: The Common Rock Pigeon28. Class 8. Aves: The Birds 29. Aves: General Account30. Type 1 1. Oryctolagus: The Rabbit 31. Class 9. Mammalia32, Subclass Prototheria (Order Monotremata) 33. Infraclass Metatheria (Order Marsupialia)34. Mammalia: General AccountSECTION IVVERTEBRATE OSTEOLOGY35. Endoskeleton of Scoliodon 36. Endoskeleton of Labeo rohita37. Endoskeleton of Frog38. Endoskeleton of Varanus39. Endoskeleton of Fowl40. Endoskeleton of Rabbit 41. Introduction of Vertebrate Embryology42. Development of Balanoglossus 43. Development of Herdmania 44. Development of Branchiostoma 45. Development of Frog46. Development of Chick (Fowl) 47. Development of Rabbit 48. Placentation in MammalsSECTION VIMISCELLANY49. Organ Histology of Frog and Rabbit 50. Wild Life of India SECTION VIIICOMPARATIVE ANATOMY OFVERTEBRATES51. Integument and its Derivatives in Vertebrates52. Endoskeleton in Vertebrates53. Digestive System in Vertebrates 54. Respiratory System in Vertebrates55. Circulatory System in Vertebrates56. Urinogenital System in Vertebrates57. Nervous System in Vertebrates58. Receptor Organs in Vertebrates59, Endocrine System in Vertebrates60. some Comparative Charts of Vertebrate Animals TypesGlossarySelected References 

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