The Substance of Politics

The Substance of Politics

This is a well-integrated and comprehensive textbook of political science primarily meant for undergraduate students of Indian universities. The book is critical as well as factual and presents a consistent thesis that the state exists for the benefit of the individual and not the individual for the State. It should be of great help to students, teachers, and the general reader who is interested in a well-written and modern introduction to politics.

This is one of the best books to get initiated to the fascinating subject of political theory and political organizations. It is even better than Eddy Asirvatham’s book on Political Theory that needs to be referred to if you are a beginner. Though some chapters have to be read in light of the changed global scenario (the last edition was written way back in 1974), I think the book stands the test of time as it delivers the essence of politics in simple and lucid language. The author A Appadorai was truly a savant in his chosen field. A must-buy from Oxford. The printing is also old-worldly and carries you back to those paperbacks days when reading was so much fun.

  • A core textbook for students of politics
  • Comprehensive in its coverage of topics
  • Discussions are both historical and comparative
  • The language is lucid and easy to understand which will help students
Author Information

A. Appadorai, Former Professor, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

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