Political Theory

This book about of welfare state, and explores the ideologies of capitalism, socialism, and communism. It helps readers understand how humankind has come to look at the idea of Justice over the years and how it has defined liberty and equality for the classes. It also tries to throw light on the evolution of the republic and eventually democracy, showing how the state has changed in its view regarding the public and the rights and duties it assigns to them in current times. It also explores communism and Marxist theories, exploring how socialism changed after Marx. It also discusses the evils of Fascism and Nazism, explaining how they drove the world to hate crimes and war. In addition, the book explores the political thoughts of Mohandas Gandhi, the Father of the Indian Nation, as well as those of others, showing how we are progressing towards a better governance model. The book is an indispensable resource for all political science graduates.

About the Authors

  • Eddy Asirvatham is an Indian political scientist and academician with a vast experience in teaching political theory at various colleges. He has contributed widely to several journals on his theories and has helped many students carve their careers in the bfield, guiding them through his lectures and theories.
  • K. K. Misra is an Indian writer and editor who has worked with Dr. Asirvatham in bringing out this book. Specifications

About Book

Title: Political Theory
Author: Eddy Asirvatham
Edition: 3
Publisher: Upper India Publishing House, 1948
Length: 763 pages

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