An introduction to the embryology of angiosperms

Embryology Of Angiosperms Deals With The Study Of Structures And Processes Associated With The Formation Of Gametes, Fertilization And Development Of Embryo And Its Nutritive And Protective Tissues. It Is An Area Of Considerable Basic And Applied Interest. This Popular Textbook For B.Sc. (General And Hons) And M.Sc. Serves The Students Of Botany, Agriculture And Forestry For Their Regular Courses And Competitive Examinations. It Explains All The Important Topics Such As Development And Structure Of Male And Female Gametophytes, Pollination, Fertilization, Sexual Incompatibility, Development Of Endosperm And Embryo, Polyembryony, Apomixis And Seed Development. It Also Describes Embryology In Relation To Taxonomy And Experimental And Applied Embryology. A Large Number Of Illustrations And Self-Explanatory Diagrams And Pithy Text Are The Strong Points Of The Book.

About Book

Title : An introduction to the embryology of angiosperms
Author : Panchanan Maheshwari
Publisher : McGraw-Hill, 1950
Original from : the University of Michigan
Length : 453 pages

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