A New Look At Modern Indian History

A New Look at Modern Indian History

This is one of the bestselling books on Modern Indian History covering the timeline from 1707 to modern times. The book covers the entire gamut in a very unique style- it mentions not only factual data about various topics but also provides information about different interpretations put forth by Western and Indian historians, with integrated analysis. This makes the book equally useful for undergraduate students of History and aspirants appearing for various competitive examinations

  • 27 appendices providing important information about Indian National movement and Freedom Struggle, Indian polity and economy, current events of national and international importance
  • Select Opinions of distinguished historians on the topic in question at the end of every chapter

Book Detail

Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Imprint:S. Chand Publishing
Trim size:6.75″ x 9.5″ inches
© year:1980


1. Decline And Disintegration Of The Mughal Empire
2. Achievements Of The Early Peshwas
3. Maratha Administration Under The Peshwas
4. Anglo-French Rivalry In The Carnatic
5. The Rise Of The English Power In Bengal
6. Career And Achievements Of Dupleix
7. Clive’S Second Governship Of Bengal,1965-67
8. Warren Hastings,1772-85
9. Administrative Reforms Of Cornwallis,1786-93
10. Lord Wellesley,1798-1805
11.Mysore Under Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan
12. Lord Hasting and Establishment of British Paramountcy in India
13. Anglo-Maratha Struggle for Supremacy
14. William Bentinck, 1828-35
15. The Annexation of Sind
16. Career and Achievements of Ranjit Singh
17. Punjab after Ranjit Singh and Anglo-Sikh Wars
18. Lord Dalhousie, 1848-56
19. Changes in Agrarian Structure: New Land Tenures and Land Revenue Policy
20. Changes in Administrative Structure and Policies under the East India Company
21. Tribal Revolts, Civil Rebellions, popular Movements, and Mutinies, 1757-1856
22. The Revolt of 1857
23. Administrative Reorganisation under the Crown, 1858-1947
24. India Under Lytton and Ripon
25. Lord George Nathaniel Curzon, 1899-1905
26. Anglo-Afghan Relations
27. The North-West Frontier
28. The Indian States
29. History of the Growth and Development of Education in India
30. The History of the Indian Press
31. Cultural Awakening, Religious and Social Reforms
32. Lower Caste Movements in Modern India
33. Eminent National Leaders of India
34. The Growth and Development of the India National Movement
35. The Left Movements in India
36.Growth of Industrial Working Class and the Trade Union Movement
37. Peasant Revolts and Agrarian Movements
38. The Development of Famine Policy
39. The Growth of Local Self-Government in India
40. Growth of the Constitution under the Company’s Rule
41. Growth of the Representative Government in India
42. The Road to Responsible Government-I
43. The Road to Responsible Government-II
44. The Transfer of Power
45. Growth of Communalism and the Partition of India
46. Indian Economy Under Colonial Rule
47. The Constitution of the Indian Republic
48. The Impact and Legacy of British Rule in India
49. Nehruvian Era: First Phase of Independence 1947-64
50. Literacy, Artistic and Cultural Movements in Modern India

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